Tile and Grout Cleaning

Dirty Grout lines?? This is one of the most rewarding  jobs I love to do!  I can tell you that I have gone back into houses that the tile and grout was just cleaned and you would never know it! I can tell you that I have been to school for it and why most companies do not do as good of a job. So many corners can be cut but I will not do that to you. There are many steps in the process to cleaning tile. A lot of the larger companies which have a lot of turn over with their employees will not allow them to use for example the acid wash on the floor because if you use it on the wrong floor or you get it on the appliances you own them!! It will etch the finish and ruin them so they don’t allow their employees the advantage of this step in the cleaning. As the only employee of my company there is no turn over and I can guaruntee you will love the job! (middle photo alkaline rinse and pressure wash right the completed job)  see for yourself there are no smoke and mirrors here just quality work.