Mother Hubbard’s Carpet Cleaning started in 2004 when my brother purchased a truck mounted carpet cleaning van at an auction in New Hampshire.  He gave me the idea of starting a carpet and tile cleaning business when I was struggling to find a job that I was happy with.  My friends and I sat down and came up with the logo design and Mother Hubbard’s Carpet Cleaning was born. When I first started, like most people do, I used my friends as guinea pigs.  I did a few jobs and the customers were happy, but I wasn’t.  I continued with customers, but I was always wanting better carpet cleaning results than I was getting.  That is when I figured I better go to school to learn about what I do for a living.  There is a lot to carpet and tile cleaning, and I learned that a lot of mistakes can be made.  I never thought that carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning comes down to good chemistry !!!  I won’t bore you with the details  but certain chemicals are needed to get the results that we all want!!!   We all want a great results and I am the one who wants it the most.